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A Page for Immigrant Diversity from the Gender Diversity Handbook? Lloyds Banking Group announced earlier this year that candidate shortlists for high-level bank positions will not be considered if they don’t meet new gender criteria. It’s not difficult to imagine a similar strategy in place to meet other diversity types. Read more.

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Whether you’re just Getting Started on your journey, are On Your Way, or are a Champion in hiring and integrating skilled immigrants, find the resources and tools for your specific needs.


To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs according to Angela White, Segment Manager, Small Business Growth Strategies at RBC. Watch now.


Why Matthew but not Samir? Disrupting the Hiring Bias -  Join co-hosts Hire Immigrants and Upwardly Global for a webinar to learn how and why unconscious bias occurs, and the practical solutions being tested in the workplace to disrupt hiring bias.


Brokering Success – Improving Skilled Immigrant Employment Outcomes - Learn how increased government-employer engagement can help skilled immigrants find employment.

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