Bias-Free Hiring Process Ensures Equal Access to Employment At Hummingbird

Hummingbird has an appetite for the international perspectives and abilities of skilled immigrants. This has carried into its hiring policy and has translated into 70 per cent of the Toronto headquarters’ workforce being skilled immigrants.

Hummingbird recognizes that different recruiters have different hiring agendas. One recruiter may focus on skills and talents while another might be influenced by style and manner. As a result, skilled immigrants may experience unequal access to employment depending on which recruiter they meet.

Hummingbird promotes a bias-free and consistent hiring policy for all candidates by outlining guidelines for its recruitment and screening processes. It ensures a consistent selection policy by encouraging recruiters to:

  • Define required skills and screen resumés for these skills.
  • Accept international credentials and experience.
  • Interview each applicant using a standardized process.
  • Be conscious of the difference between accent and ability to communicate.
  • Encourage responses by rephrasing questions rather than repeating.
  • Focus on work ethic rather than post-secondary degree.
  • Seek corporate rather than cultural fit.

Tips for Employers

  • A standardized recruitment process helps eliminate bias and ensures your organization has access to a broad pool of talent.
  • A bias-free hiring process focuses on required skills, is accepting of international experience and looks for corporate rather than cultural fit.

Hummingbird Ltd. is now part of enterprise software company OpenText and has been re-branded as OpenTextConnectivity Solutions Group and provides integrated content management solutions to companies around the world.

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