Employer Reports - Recruit and Select

Perceptions of Employment Barriers and Solutions

Challenges to newcomer employment can be overcome, says new ALLIES report.

Brokering Success: Improving Skilled Immigrant Employment Outcomes

A Mowat Centre report on improving skilled immigrant employment outcomes through strengthened government-employer engagement.

Government as Employer of Skilled Immigrants

Find out what practices and policies various levels of governments are using to encourage the employment of immigrants.

2013 RBC Diversity and Inclusion Report

In this report, RBC highlights their overall story of diversity and inclusion and how it creates prosperity for their clients, employees, shareholders and communities.

Think Fast: Ontario Employer Perspectives on Immigration Reform and the Expression of Interest System

A new Ontario Chamber of Commerce report calls on the federal government to ensure that upcoming changes to Canada’s immigration system reflect the needs of employers.

Outsmarting Our Brains: Overcoming Hidden Biases to Harness Diversity’s True Potential

Business leaders need to overcome their hidden biases to be more competitive.

Creating Partnership and Strategy for BC’s Northwest Labour Needs

New Canadians are an under-represented demographic group with the necessary talent and skills to help meet demand in BC’s northwest region according to a new IEC-BC report.

Jobs in Canada: Where, What and For Whom?

An analysis by TD of vacancy, wage and unemployment rates in the country finds no proof of an imminent skills crisis.

RBC 2012 Employment Equity Report

This RBC report outlines the banks’s employment equity initiatives and includes highlights on how they have engaged in recruiting and managing immigrant talent.

Employing a Diverse Workforce: Making it Work

Employing a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive workplace is a strategy that works for both employers and workers. This book provides you with examples on how Alberta employers retain and engage a highly motivated and diverse workforce.

The Haves and Have Nots of Canada’s Labour Market

CIBC report suggests Canada’s economic prosperity is at risk due to a labour market split that sees high-demand positions go unfilled while lower-skilled workers languish in unemployment.

A New Direction: Ontario’s Immigration Strategy

A new direction for immigration in Ontario – attracting highly skilled workers and their families, supporting diverse communities and growing a globally-connected economy.

Canada’s Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners: Diverse Society in a Microcosm

TD Economics’ annual report on Canada’s SMEs reveals visible minorities with majority stakes represent about 10% of small businesses, which is a small proportion relative to the overall population. But their share is expected to increase as aging demographics kick in and immigration numbers rise.

It’s Time for Nonprofits to Strengthen Their Workforce – Hire Immigrants!

The HR Council for the Nonprofit sector conducted research to explore issues that prevent nonprofit sector employers from accessing the skills and expertise of immigrants and visible minorities.

Diversity at Work HR Toolkit

The HR Toolkit is a comprehensive and free online resource that helps managers, employees and board members better understand, address and manage HR needs and issues in nonprofits.

Opportunity Knocks! How Nonprofit Employers Build a Workforce that Includes New Canadians

Opportunity Knocks describes the demographic challenges that effect the labour force, reasons nonprofit organizations need to take action, and also provides five areas of focus for employers.

HR North: Connecting SMEs to Skilled Immigrant Talent in Northeastern Ontario

A new report calls for the development of a “one-stop” HR Support Centre to help SMEs recruit and retain skilled immigrants.

Knocking Down Barriers Faced by New Immigrants to Canada

Immigration selection should focus on both short-term and long-term labour market needs while settlement services should be co-ordinated to boost the workforce integration of immigrants and ensure Canada’s long-term prosperity, states this TD report.

Personal Networks and the Economic Adjustment of Immigrants

Knowing people in 10 or more different occupations increases an immigrant’s chances of being employed and earning more money, finds this Statistics Canada report.

Immigrant Labour Market Outcomes in Canada: The Benefits of Addressing Wage and Employment Gaps

This RBC report finds immigrant wage and employment gaps have widened. Skilled immigrants’ incomes could increase by as much as $30 billion if they were paid like Canadian-born workers.

Hiring International Workers in Atlantic Canada: An Employer’s Guide

This detailed employer’s guide is designed to help you through the whole process, including recruitment and selection, obtaining authorization to work in Canada, and integrating a new international worker into your workforce.

Immigrant-Friendly Businesses: Effective Practices for Attracting, Integrating, and Retaining Immigrants in Canadian Workplaces

Businesses can benefit from immigrant talent by implementing programs and practices to help immigrants overcome systemic barriers.