“The World Needs to See Leadership” says Guelph CEO and Refugee Champion (Article)

A Canadian CEO and entrepreneur donates $1 million to resettle 50 Syrian families, and is approaching the task as he would any business problem.

Transnational Entrepreneurship: Q&A with Howard Lin (Article)

Cross-border activities increase “brain circulation.” For countries like Canada that see poor performance on innovation, and particularly on commercialization, transnational entrepreneurs present a unique opportunity.

Canada’s Start-Up Visa: Build-Measure-Learn (Article)

Can a government work like and with the private start-up sector to jump-start immigrant entrepreneurship, attract the “best and brightest” international entrepreneurs …

Estate Planning (Article)

You need to ask yourself an important question: Who should inherit your business?

Succession Planning (Article)

If done properly, succession planning is not a one-time exercise, but should be an ongoing process that is regularly updated and amended as circumstances change.

Financial Planning (Article)

Exiting your business may involve a management buy-out, family succession or the sale of the business. Regardless, financing of the change of ownership correctly is crucial.

Expanding Your Network (Article)

Developing new business contacts and connections can help entrepreneurs open doors. Networking is about creating a community of support where people can learn from each other.

Importing and Exporting (Article)

Importing and exporting is one way to increase sales and grow your business. The rewards can be great, but it is not without risks and you must also become aware of the laws and regulations governing international trade.

Raising Capital for Expansion (Article)

The decision to expand is often followed by the need for access to capital which can be obtained from financing or liquidating assets. Both options favour sound business operations.

Updating Business Plans (Article)

The decision to grow your business will typically follow a consecutive number of successful or profitable years, proving there is demand for your product or service. To ensure your readiness for expansion, you will need to update your original Business Plan.

Board and Governance (Article)

An important task is finding the right people to lead. The right time to create a board is before the end of the start-up phase.

Finance and Taxation (Article)

Connect Legal suggests you “contact your local city government office to find out the kind of business that is permitted at your location and whether there are any restrictions. Understand the taxes (e.g. sales taxes, employee-related taxes, such as payroll […]

Managing Cash Flow (Article)

Managing cash flow is challenging but it’s an important element of running a business successfully.

Hiring Employees (Article)

Once you’ve successfully launched your business, you will be focused on running and growing your business. Here are a few things to think about when hiring.

Government and Organizational Support (Article)

There’s a lot of support available to new business start-ups. Talk to advisors early in the process of starting your business and get their advice.