Build Awareness and Leadership

Build Awareness and Leadership

Help your organization adopt an immigrant-readiness approach by assessing where you are now, building the cultural competence of leaders and making diversity and inclusivity a strategic priority.

A Migration Agenda for the Private Sector

As Europe’s refugee crisis continues to evolve, offers of assistance have been complemented by a broad-based response from the business community, writes migration expert Khalid Koser. This mobilization highlights not only the role that the private sector can play in managing migration, but also the importance of extending this engagement beyond the response to the immediate crisis.

Toronto is diverse but not as inclusive as it could be

Toronto exemplifies multiculturalism, but struggles with inclusion and equality of opportunity.

2013-14 WIL Award: Sarah Tattersall,Talent Solutions Manager at 3M Canada

HR champion has assisted skilled immigrants in achieving meaningful employment in their fields.

TRIEC Thanks RBC and Gordon Nixon

As chair of TRIEC, RBC’s CEO Gordon Nixon has been a champion of immigrant inclusion in the workforce.

A 10-year Record of Immigrant Success

Toronto immigrant jobs council finds much success, but much work remains.

Train Employers to Hire and Work with Immigrants

According to Ratna Omidvar, the best teachers for employers are employers themselves when it comes to immigrant employment solutions.

Understand and Evaluate Your HR Practices

To get the support of senior leaders, assess and analyze your current HR practices to see if they screen-out skilled immigrants or prevent them from advancing to senior positions.

Creating and Supporting Champions

Identify senior leaders to champion your cause and arm yourself with the business case for hiring and integrating skilled immigrants.

The Benefits of Hiring Skilled Immigrants

Benefits include representing a large proportion of the labour market, providing access to diverse local and international markets and enhancing innovation.

Building Leaders’ Cross-Cultural Competencies

Encouraging leaders to participate in tasks that build their own cross-cultural competencies, as well as those of staff, will help create an inclusive workplace for skilled immigrants.