Shrinking Workforce

Shrinking Workforce

Canada is increasingly moving towards a high-skilled, knowledge economy yet not enough Canadians are graduating from programs to meet employers’ needs. At the same time baby boomers are aging and Canada’s population growth increasingly comes from immigration.

German Companies Ready to Hire Refugees, Survey Says

Business is going well at Germany’s SMEs. But a shortage of qualified workers presents a serious cloud on the horizon. Could the current refugee influx prove the silver lining?

A Migration Agenda for the Private Sector

As Europe’s refugee crisis continues to evolve, offers of assistance have been complemented by a broad-based response from the business community, writes migration expert Khalid Koser. This mobilization highlights not only the role that the private sector can play in managing migration, but also the importance of extending this engagement beyond the response to the immediate crisis.

The World’s Most Talent Ready Countries, 2014

Talent is moving around the world faster than ever before. Countries that remain open to it are building a competitive edge.

Diversity and Immigration – Important Parts of Canada’s Past, Present and Future

Gord Nixon, President and CEO of RBC talks about the importance of immigration to Canada’s identity and economy, and how we must move beyond diversity to inclusion to leverage our individual and collective strengths.

Leveraging Immigrant Talent for Business Development

Skills and talents of newcomers can lead to exciting new Ottawa based business ventures, creating jobs and growing the region’s economic base.

Boldly Playing the Global Talent Game

IEC-BC argues it is a critical time close the skills and labour gap by thinking differently about attracting and retaining skilled talent from around the world — seeing skilled immigrants as the solution.

Finding and Keeping Top Talent Big Concern for Employers

Immigrants accounted for two-thirds of Canada’s population growth from 2006 to 2011 and are one solution to the skills shortages facing many Canadian organizations.

Larger Talent Pool

Employers who ensure their planning and sourcing strategies reach skilled immigrant communities expand their opportunities to source the best talent.

Canadian-Born Workforce is Shrinking, Demand for Labour is Growing

The future growth of the Canadian labour market depends on skilled immigrants as baby boomers retire and birth rates fall.