Global Skills and Experience

Global Skills and Experience

Canadian companies must respond to worldwide demands and source international talent who have knowledge of global markets. And as immigration to Canada increases, skilled immigrants also reflect local markets.

[Interview] World Education Services on Credential Assessment

Canada welcomes highly-skilled and qualified immigrants each year; to fully realize the benefit of highly-skilled immigrants, employers often require support to appreciate the qualifications that newcomers bring from abroad. Read this interview with WES to learn more about its services, and how they support employers assess candidates.

A Migration Agenda for the Private Sector

As Europe’s refugee crisis continues to evolve, offers of assistance have been complemented by a broad-based response from the business community, writes migration expert Khalid Koser. This mobilization highlights not only the role that the private sector can play in managing migration, but also the importance of extending this engagement beyond the response to the immediate crisis.

The World’s Most Talent Ready Countries, 2014

Talent is moving around the world faster than ever before. Countries that remain open to it are building a competitive edge.

Toronto is diverse but not as inclusive as it could be

Toronto exemplifies multiculturalism, but struggles with inclusion and equality of opportunity.

2013-14 WIL Award: Sarah Tattersall,Talent Solutions Manager at 3M Canada

HR champion has assisted skilled immigrants in achieving meaningful employment in their fields.

TRIEC Thanks RBC and Gordon Nixon

As chair of TRIEC, RBC’s CEO Gordon Nixon has been a champion of immigrant inclusion in the workforce.

Diversity and Immigration – Important Parts of Canada’s Past, Present and Future

Gord Nixon, President and CEO of RBC talks about the importance of immigration to Canada’s identity and economy, and how we must move beyond diversity to inclusion to leverage our individual and collective strengths.

Ontario’s Clarion Call for Putting Diversity to Work

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration makes the case for why hiring skilled immigrants is essential to business.

Leveraging Immigrant Talent for Business Development

Skills and talents of newcomers can lead to exciting new Ottawa based business ventures, creating jobs and growing the region’s economic base.

Diversify Your Team: Looking Beyond Recruitment

Law firm Stikeman Elliot recognizes the value of hiring a diverse staff but they also realize the need to also invest, mentor and engage these new staff members to develop a productive working atmosphere.

Five Reasons Canada Leads the World on Immigration

Alan Broadbent and Ratna Omidvar on why they think Canada are leaders in immigration including how immigrants achieve long-term success.

The Local Market is Changing

As immigration increases, companies are faced with the challenge of building networks and relationships with customers of diverse cultures. Skilled immigrants may prove to be valuable resources for understanding product and service needs in ethno-specific markets.

The Value of Diverse Languages and Cultures

Employees from different cultures and who speak different languages help employers tap into diverse local and international markets.

Skilled Immigrants Help Canadian Companies Do Business with the World

International skills, experience and languages help local companies meet global demands.