Website Design

The website is a WordPress solution created by Kobayashi Online, a Toronto custom WordPress Design and Development agency.

The website is articulated into three taxonomies and eight types of content: articles, videos, webinars, news, stats, reports, e-learning courses and tools for trainers.


From a friendly interface, the editors of the website can add images, documents and, also, embed third party videos from YouTube and Vimeo to any content.

In addition, web producers can feature specific content in just one click for the different sections on the website. Also, new pages with dynamic content associated with the different categories can be generated effortlessly.


The website combines HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and JavaScript technologies. All its content, including the sidebars and menus, is easily editable using the WordPress dashboard without HTML or programming knowledge.


The site, which has two call to action  forms, allows creating and editing unlimited forms easily from the backend of the site. Also, all form submissions are database driven and generate reports and graphs for each call to action. is coded to be search friendly and allows visitors to share its content on more than 300 social networks and aggregators.

Finally, the website shows rankings for the most viewed content under each section. As an addition to the Google Analytics stats, website editors can access the number of visits by day, week, month and the total number from the website backend.

Plugins Used

Platform: WordPress 3.2

Kobayashi Online, Toronto, designs creative websites integrated with today’s most popular Content Management Systems.

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The Roadmap

The Roadmap is a custom developed application architected, designed and developed by Toronto advertising agency, The Brainstorm Group. This work includes the hireimmigrants Roadmap Content Syndication project and the content management system to update the content of the roadmap.

The BrainStorm Group Digital provides advertising and communications solutions to clients through the effective use of digital media.

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