St. Michael’s Hospital Makes Skilled Immigrant Inclusion Part of Strategic Plan

St. Michael’s Hospital realizes to better serve the members of its multicultural community, the organization needs to better understand and reflect this demographic mix.

To do so, the hospital is addressing skilled immigrant inclusion in the development of a strategic plan that will drive organizational change, including:

  • Better serving the constituents of its community through the delivery of more effective health-care services.
  • Increasing community outreach leading to a variety of collaborations and partnerships.
  • Increasing future recruitment of internationally educated personnel.
  • Creating additional opportunities for interns and clinical placements in a variety of departments within the hospital.
  • Creating more positions for skilled immigrants in St. Michael’s Hospital mentoring program.

St. Michael’s Hospital also participates in CARE for Nurses (Creating Access to Regulated Employment), a program for internationally trained nurses. This bridging program assists nurses in obtaining their Ontario nursing licence and offers services, courses and tuition bursaries.

Through its strategic plan and involvement in programs aimed at skilled immigrants, St. Mike’s seeks to better serve its community and minimize the impact of skills shortages in various areas of the organization.

Tips for Employers

  • To better serve the community, your organization needs to better understand and reflect the multicultural demographics of that community.
  • Work with bridging programs to assist internationally educated professionals obtain their Canadian licences.

St. Michael’s Hospital is an academic health science centre offering patient care, teaching and research services in a densely populated and diverse area of Toronto. In 2009, TRIEC awarded St. Mike’s with the Toronto Star Award for Excellence in Workplace Integration, an Immigrant Success (IS) Award.

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