Senior Leadership Involvement Drives Change at Manulife

For Manulife Financial, leadership effects change. Global success comes from developing international perspectives and honing international skills.

By making a clear and public stand in favour of employing skilled immigrants, and by dedicating significant senior executive time and resources, Manulife’s leaders anticipate other companies will also rise to the challenge of enriching their workforce and, by extension, the Canadian labour market.

Dominic D’Alessandro, President and CEO of Manulife Financial, has made a public commitment to this cause by chairing the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). In an open letter to then Prime Minister Paul Martin, published in the Globe & Mail in September 2004, D’Alessandro stressed the need for Canada to better integrate skilled immigrants into the workforce.

The letter had a significant impact on both political and employer communities, and has led to increased commitment to action by both groups. Manulife believes the barriers to workplace integration of skilled immigrants can be removed if multiple stakeholders sit at the same table and work together.

Manulife Financial believes an organization and its leaders can motivate a community and increase awareness that skilled immigrants are not only potential consumers and employees, but they are also the means by which organizations can develop international skills and perspectives.

Tips for Employers

  • Senior leadership support is needed within an organization to change attitudes and recognize the value of employing skilled immigrants.
  • Barriers to workplace integration of skilled immigrants can be removed if multiple stakeholders, including governments and employers, sit at the same table and work together.

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