Mentoring Leads To More Engaged And Inclusive Workforce at St. Mike’s Hospital

Hospital leaders are deeply aware of the consequences of Canada’s inability to integrate skilled immigrants and how this inability not only affects Canada’s economy, but also its health-care system. In Toronto, skilled immigrants are central to St. Michael’s Hospital’s strategic planning, says Jeff Lozon, President and CEO of the hospital.

In May 2000, with the support and leadership of top management, hospital staff created a skilled immigrant mentoring program called Making Connections. As a result of the program, St. Mike’s has developed a more socially engaged, inclusive and well-educated workforce.

Based on its staff’s experience with the program, the hospital published a guidebook in 2003 that explains how companies can provide mentoring opportunities to skilled immigrants. The Making Connections guidebook was used by a broad cross-section of employers and led to positive results across the country.

Tips for Employers:

  • A skilled immigrant mentoring program can create a more socially engaged, inclusive and well-educated workforce.

St. Michael’s Hospital is an academic health science centre offering patient care, teaching and research services in a densely populated and diverse area of Toronto. In 2009, TRIEC awarded St. Mike’s with the Toronto Star Award for Excellence in Workplace Integration, an Immigrant Success (IS) Award.


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