Iris Power Engineering Uncovers the Talents Of Skilled Immigrant Employees

At Iris Power Engineering, recognizing and maximizing the knowledge and skills of staff are key priorities. All employees go through an extensive training program covering material specific to their hired positions as well as the history of Iris and its technology. This induction period ensures all employees have the same base knowledge needed to succeed at the company.

Iris recognizes the education and experience of skilled immigrants already in its workforce can be reapplied in other areas to further promote the growth of the organization. To capitalize on such opportunities, Iris holds big-picture talks where employees discuss their skills and how they may help to achieve the company’s objectives.

For example, one employee from China was hired in a technical role, says Paul Magder, vice-president of product development. At a big-picture talk Magder realized he had untapped experience that was very relevant to the broader needs of the company.

The employee was moved into a more senior position in international sales, allowing Iris to expand into the Asian market, and allowing the employee to further his career development within the organization.

Skilled immigrants can prove indispensable when exploring new markets. Salespeople with international experience might be able to break into markets that are familiar to them more easily than a Canadian-born salesperson could.

Tips for Employers:

  • Provide intensive orientation training to ensure all employees have the same base knowledge needed to succeed.
  • Encourage employees to talk about their skills, even if they’re not part of their job current job description, and how these may help achieve the company’s objectives.

Founded in 1990, Iris Power Engineering Inc. delivers high-quality products designed to improve maintenance capabilities for large motors and generators. Iris has over 70 employees including sales personnel, technicians, engineers and field service representatives.

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