Iris Power Engineering Uses Skills-Based Assessments During Recruitment

As one of the fastest-growing high-tech companies in Canada, Iris Power Engineering needs to access a highly specialized talent pool. To help facilitate finding the best person for the position in the shortest period of time, Iris uses technical skills-based interviews rather than conversation-based interviews.

During the Iris recruitment process, applicants are asked to take tests that are most relevant to the position sought: sales applicants give presentations; assembler applicants demonstrate soldering skills; and engineers display their practical skills.

Through this approach, Iris is better able to focus on the applicants’ technical competency, rather than on areas that may be secondary to the position being filled. It also helps Iris include candidates who may not have been initially considered, such as skilled immigrants, by removing barriers that might occur in a traditional interview process.

Tips for Employers:

  • Use skills-based tests that are most relevant to the position to assess a candidate’s technical competency.

Founded in 1990, Iris Power Engineering Inc. delivers high-quality products designed to improve maintenance capabilities for large motors and generators. Iris has over 70 employees including sales personnel, technicians, engineers and field service representatives.

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