Diverse Employees Lead to Innovative Products at IBM Canada

As an international organization, IBM Canada creates products that appeal to a global market. Part of its success is the belief that a more diverse team leads to the development of more innovative products.

IBM Canada recognizes the value of global skills and experience, and how an internationally trained workforce helps it to:

  • screen product ideas for cultural fit;
  • review language to eliminate jargon, keeping it simple and independent of cultural terms;
  • translate documentation accurately and efficiently; and
  • conduct cross-cultural user testing.

IBM Canada’s workforce is enriched by skilled immigrants who bring an indigenous understanding of consumers from a variety of cultures in various regions around the world.

Tips for employers

  • Recognize the value of global skills and experience skilled immigrants possess.
  • Have skilled immigrants review product language to ensure it is free of jargon and culture-specific terms.
  • Involve skilled immigrants in product testing to ensure cross-cultural fit.

IBM Canada Ltd. is a leading global provider of advanced IT products and services, operating several plants, laboratories and e-business centres across the country.

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