Immigrant HR Administrator Increases Openness in Recruiting At i³ International

A company started by immigrants, i³ International lives and breathes diversity. Skilled immigrants make up nearly one-half of the company’s 50-member staff in the Scarborough head office and more than 80 per cent of the company’s research and development department. The company also has an additional 60 staff in offices outside of Canada.

When the company, which designs, manufactures and supplies digital video technologies for the security industry, hired a skilled immigrant as an HR administrator, it increased the perception of openness in recruiting and retention.

When interviewed by a skilled immigrant, a newcomer candidate gets a clear message the company promotes diversity. Once candidates are given a tour of the facility, they see multiculturalism is prevalent throughout the organization.

Furthermore, knowing skilled immigrants work at all levels in the organization is assurance all employees have equal opportunities to prove themselves and move up. When Hadi Rayess interviewed for a sales position at i³ International this was one of the first realities that struck him.

“After meeting staff from so many countries, I knew I would have equal opportunities at i³ International, I knew my international experience would count,” says Rayess.

Although a small company, i³ International recognizes the importance of team building. Each month a different department is responsible for providing lunch for the rest of the company. Employees have always been encouraged to bring food that represents their culture. The staff has been able to sample food from over 20 countries.

Also, once a year all staff and their families are also invited to a retreat. Pictures from the retreat are hung in the staff kitchen as a reminder that i³ International values all employees.

Tips for Employers:

  • Having skilled immigrants in various positions throughout the organization tells newcomer candidates you value diversity and shows them all employees have equal opportunities for career advancement.
  • Regular events that bring employees together to share their cultures builds teamwork and shows staff you value all employees.

i³ International manufactures and supplies digital video technologies for the security industry and employs 50 staff in Canada and an additional 60 staff world-wide.

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