Engineering Firm Turns To Skilled Immigrants for Hard-To-Find Skills

Teshmont Consultants values international experience and has relied on Canada’s influx of immigrants for increasingly hard-to-find skills and experience, as well as to strengthen the engineering firm’s management succession planning. In the past five years Teshmont’s employee base has doubled and about one-half of their full-time technical employees are skilled new immigrants.

Teshmont will hire international engineers at an associate level until their professional designation through the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba — a job requirement — is approved. The firm also provides ongoing skills development to ensure immigrants are able to progress in their careers become part of the Teshmont’s leadership talent pool.

Enhancing Communication Skills

The engineering firm works with an external specialist in English for Engineering Professionals to provide training for skilled immigrant employees to improve their English listening, reading, writing and presenting skills.

Employees can volunteer to meet with the specialist one-on-one to have their English communication skills assessed. The specialist then proposes programs to address the individual employee’s needs so advancement within the company is not impeded because of communication skills. Workplace culture will also be addressed during the programs.

Teshmont also offers in-house evening courses to improve English writing skills, sales techniques and project management, as well as job-specific technical skills. Courses are led by external professional instructors. These voluntary courses, in addition to many external courses, have helped immigrants improve their skills and integrate more fully into the workplace.

Teshmont invests in skilled immigrants because the company’s future depends on it. Senior management wants to be sure that when they retire, their work will carry on seamlessly. Teshmont’s investment in skilled new immigrants is helping to secure a strong pool of management candidates for the future.

Tips for Employers

  • Invest in the professional development of skilled new immigrants to secure a strong pool of management candidates for the future.
  • Provide English training programs tailored to individual employees’ needs to ensure communication skills don’t impede their career advancement

Teshmont Consultants LP specializes in providing engineering consultancy services for EHV AC and HVDC transmission systems and is recognized worldwide for its HVDC expertise. This Winnipeg-based firm employs more than 70 engineers, technologists and support staff to serve a client base covering more than 20 countries.

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