More than One-Third of Engineers Hired At Husky Are Skilled Immigrants

Husky Injection Molding Systems faces the challenge of finding the right skills globally to grow the company. In 2002 Robert Schad, CEO, launched a thorough review of the recruitment process and gained a greater appreciation for the contribution made by internationally trained professionals among its workforce.

Husky has now become one of the few large companies that has established metrics and ongoing educational tracking of its workforce to help recruiters become aware of which international universities produce the skills most valuable to Husky.

The company believes that if recruiters better understand which universities produce the best engineering skills, they will become more able to “screen in” high-potential international applicants. This practice will help Husky decide which international universities to develop relationships with in the future.

Husky believes that an overall understanding of the educational background of skilled immigrants drives recruitment success — particularly in highly technical environments. Thirty-six percent of the engineers hired by Husky are skilled immigrants, a testimony to its hiring policies and practices.

During the hiring process both behavioral and technical assessments are used and the most qualified individuals are offered employment. Husky’s approach to selection is to identify the abilities, experience, and education of candidates, regardless of their country of origin. Candidates are never turned down due to a lack of Canadian work experience. If skilled immigrants are not accepted into a position, Husky’s policy is to explain why.

Candidates who are hired go through a formal on-boarding program during the first week of employment. Content includes a general review of Husky’s history and culture, workplace orientation and meetings with staff in a variety of departments. This formal on-boarding helps all employees, including skilled immigrants, adjust to the Husky work environment, and sets them up for a successful career in the company.

Tips for Employers

  • Track employee performance and education to determine which educational institutions, anywhere in the world, are more likely to produce the skills needed by your organization. This will help recruiters “screen in” candidates with international education.
  • Use behavioural and technical assessments, not country of origin or Canadian experience, to determine if candidates have the ability and education to do the job well.
  • To set new hires up for success, create an onboarding program that includes a general review of your organization’s history and culture as well as a workplace orientation and meetings with staff in a variety of departments.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is a global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. Innovation, bold goals and solid customer relationships are the foundations of its success.

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