Convergys Works With Community Agencies for Recruitment and Training

Convergys believes hiring skilled immigrants will yield increased productivity and innovation, and will be a competitive advantage in a global market. Two of the company’s offices, Halifax and Welland, Ont., have initiated relationships with immigrant serving organizations in order to better connect with pools of skilled immigrants.

In Nova Scotia, Convergys partners with organizations such as Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services (ISIS) to reach participants in skills training classes, host newcomer career fairs and hold information sessions. They are now working with ISIS and the Halifax Immigration Learning Centre (HILC) to develop a skills training program that could lead to employment at Convergys.

The company also invited the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission to train all its managers on fair practices, inclusion and race relations, with managers in turn applying this knowledge in the management of their teams. Hiring interviews are designed to probe the candidate’s skills and experience, wherever they have been gained. If an otherwise strong candidate needs to improve their language skills, Convergys will be open and committed to supporting them through the services HILC provides.

In Welland, Convergys has worked with community programs such as Canadian Access for International Professionals and Skilled Trades (CAIPS), now called Employment Solutions. The company regularly delivers presentations and participants are encouraged to take a tour of the office. Those newcomers who are interested in working at Convergys and have completed their language training through the community program, then go through the company’s screening program.

Convergys looks for relevant experience, not necessarily Canadian experience. Of those newcomers hired by the Welland office, 80 per cent have stayed on with the company. It also established a diversity committee that organizes activities to make the workplace more inclusive. Convergys continues to get positive feedback on their welcoming environment.

Both offices offer mentoring for new employees. New employees at all levels can be mentored or take part in a “job shadow” to gain a better understanding of their position. The mentor provides resources, such as online training, to help the employee excel in their position or prepare for promotion. Convergys has also created its own Personal Development Centre, where employees can take online courses to develop their skills.

Tips for Employers:

  • Partner with immigrant-serving agencies to find qualified skilled immigrants.
  • Train managers on the importance of fair practices, inclusion and race relations.
  • Design hiring interviews to probe a candidate’s skills and experience, wherever they have been gained.
  • Mentor new employees to help them better understand the job, grow their skills and prepare for promotion.

Convergys is a global leader in customer care, human resources and billing services, serving clients in 67 locations around the world. The company has about 70,000 employees in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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