Capgemini Taps CASIP’s Job Developers Network for Skilled Immigrant Talent

As a large, international professional services company that advises clients on business, technology and operations, Capgemini is always on the lookout for highly-skilled potential employees. Also motivated by their awareness of the looming skills shortage, Capgemini contacted the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) to learn more after seeing the council’s ads for the “skilled immigrant talent pool.”

Establishing the Relationship

TRIEC linked Capgemini to the CASIP Job Developers Network, which includes members from eight non-profit employment service agencies serving immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area. Capgemini’s hiring managers sat down with job developers so each party could better understand the others’ needs. The managers detailed their recruitment needs and tight timelines — as dictated by their clients — while the job developers asked direct questions, to fully comprehend which skill sets would be most valuable.

The hiring managers were thoroughly impressed with the sample resumés brought by the job developers and were excited by the prospects of the partnership. One job developer from the network was designated as the liaison between Capgemini’s recruitment coordinator and the network.

Getting Buy-In: The Formula for Success

After that successful meeting, Capgemini’s human resources department disseminated an internal email to hiring managers, to get buy-in on the new partnership. The email underscored the company’s belief in being well-connected to all sources of talent, and that better connecting to the skilled immigrant talent pool could enhance Capgemini’s competitiveness.

The email outlined anticipated questions and offered solution-based responses. It addressed anticipated apprehension about international education, work experience that wasn’t Canadian, security checks and language, and explained the network understood the kind of experience Capgemini required and would pre-screen all referrals.

Capgemini’s HR department also challenged hiring managers to determine the essential language requirements needed for certain positions and to seriously consider which positions could be filled by someone still improving their English language skills. The communication also emphasized that four of the eight CASIP agencies offer enhanced and/or specialized language training services and assess candidates using the Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) as part of their screening process.

Since January 2009 the company has hired three referrals from the network: a supply chain specialist, senior IT analyst and help desk agent, and hopes for more. The network liaison has developed a thorough understanding of Capgemini’s needs, which has led to a highly efficient process.

Going Forward

While still a fairly new partnership, TRIEC, the Network and Capgemini are confident of a positive return on investment, especially since the company does not have to pay recruiting fees.

In addition to ensuring that the Network connection is working, TRIEC continues to keep Capgemini informed of any other resources that might help the company better leverage the skilled immigrant talent pool, such as its How-To HR Workshops.

A Capgemini hiring manager attended one of these workshops and found it a useful forum to help those with human resources responsibilities share challenges and find solutions around better recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.


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