Apotex Offers Business English Courses to Enhance Integration

Doubling in size over five years, Apotex quickly discovered its labour needs were not being met by Canadian university graduates and the traditional labour market.

The pharmaceutical company’s management team recognized that skilled immigrants comprise a labour pool of motivated individuals with a strong work ethic, but are often overlooked because of a lack of Canadian work experience. It responded by welcoming skilled immigrants to begin their Canadian careers at Apotex and encouraging their professional growth by moving forward within the organization.

Apotex is aware that skilled immigrants might face communication issues that affect their ability to succeed and excel in the workforce. In order to maximize the input of skilled immigrants, Apotex offers a “Language of Business English” course that employees can take on their own time. This on-site program is dedicated to providing the communication skills relevant for success in the Apotex business environment and ends with a certificate of completion.

Apotex funds this course because it believes there is a return on investment in developing an efficient and skilled workforce. It believes an employee who fits in and communicates well with the rest of the workforce remains with the organization and continues to contribute to its growth.

Tips for Employers

  • Providing on-site English classes creates an efficient and skilled workforce, enhances integration and boosts overall organizational performance.

Apotex Inc. is a large Canadian pharmaceutical company employing 6,000 individuals worldwide in the fields of research, development, manufacturing and distribution.

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