Engineering Consulting Firm Looks Beyond Canadian Experience

LEA International believes engineering is universal and that essential engineering skills are not culture-specific. Instead of looking for Canadian experience, it sources new employees based on competency and credibility.

Competency refers to training and accredited education from institutions in Canada or abroad; credibility refers to demonstrating skills in real world situations.

To understand and measure these qualities, recruiters interview and evaluate applicants on a range of areas, administer tests and implement a contract working period.

Although there is some cost associated with bringing on internationally trained applicants due to the slightly longer integration period, LEA sees a positive return on investment, highlighted by the successful implementation of international contracts.

The company continues to hire internationally trained applicants, who currently make up 12 per cent of its labour force.

The LEA Group is an engineering consulting firm specializing in transportation and urban infrastructure. Its international arm, LEA International Ltd, has successfully completed projects in more than 40 countries with key offices in Greater Toronto, Vancouver and New Delhi.

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