AMEX Canada Uses A Broad Recruitment Strategy To Find Skilled Immigrants

Workplace diversity is what gives American Express Canada a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. And sourcing skilled immigrant candidates is a strategy AMEX Canada uses to create a diverse workforce.

Recruiters, called diversity leaders, source candidates from:

AMEX Canada’s employee referral program is another source of skilled immigrant candidates. Nearly 25 per cent of its current employees are immigrants, and the people they refer for positions tend to be from their own cultural communities and networks.

AMEX Canada also sources candidates by building strong relationships with community agencies that serve immigrants, like ACCES and COSTI. It communicates the specific skills and attributes it seeks in its employees and benefits by receiving potential candidates from agencies quickly and effectively.

To simplify sourcing even further, AMEX Canada plans to customize its vendor management tool to create a direct electronic link with community agency partners.

These sourcing strategies increase AMEX Canada’s pool of potential candidates, increase the efficiency of its sourcing and contribute to the organization’s goal of a diverse workforce.

Tips for employers

  • Partner with community agencies that work with skilled immigrants and communicate specific skills needed for jobs to ensure high-quality applicants.
  • Use university and college job fairs, ethno-specific professional associations and media, and national job boards to find skilled immigrant candidates.

American Express Canada is part of the American Express Company, a travel and financial services organization employing 3,000 Canadians in eight cities across the country.

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