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Onboarding newcomers is about more than banking at RBC Royal Bank

Arabic-speaking staff at RBC’s Moncton branch began as critical resources introducing Syrian families to Canadian banking. But as Kirk Dudtschak writes, the staff’s roles quickly extended far beyond and into the community, to onboarding the newcomers to life in Canada.

Interview with Nomz CEO Jana Al Zaibak on Hiring a Refugee Workforce

Based in Toronto, Canada, Nomz is a rapidly expanding business, selling nutritious and delicious snacks. Hire Immigrants spoke to founder Jana Al Zaibak about her experience leveraging refugee talent.

Refugee Talent Pipeline Fills Positions at Nomz

Entrepreneur Jana Al Zaibak credits her employees with her business success. They’re driven, contribute their expertise and ideas, and are passionate about their work. Another thing they have in common? They’re all refugees.

Idea We’re Watching: “Project Ahlan” has Australian Restaurants Readying to Welcome Syrian Refugees

The owners of Almond Bar restaurant are partnering up with local chefs, restaurant owners, and immigrant serving agencies in Sydney, Australia, to welcome Syrian newcomers with training and job opportunities.

Brains for Trains: Harnessing Diversity for Global Success

A Canadian transportation employer taps into city’s multilingual workforce to bridge cultures while doing business worldwide.

Using a Diversity Lens Helps Scotiabank Succeed

Bank uses a variety of opportunities to tap into immigrant talent and therefore grow their business.

RBC: Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce that is Representative of the Wider Community

A diverse workforce allows the bank to better serve a diverse client base, thus attracting more business.

Senior Leadership Involvement Drives Change at Manulife

By dedicating significant senior executive time and resources, Manulife’s leaders anticipate other companies will also rise to the challenge of hiring and integrating skilled immigrants.

Skilled Immigrants Help LEA International Tap into Global Markets

A workforce with international language skills and cultural competencies is better positioned to land international contracts, leading to increased profitability

Diverse Employees Lead to Innovative Products at IBM Canada

Skilled immigrants help IBM create products that meet the needs of customers from a variety of cultures.