Employer Success Stories - Small

A Page for Immigrant Diversity from the Gender Diversity Handbook? Lloyds Sets Diversity Rules for Top Job Shortlists

Lloyds Banking Group announced earlier this year that candidate shortlists for high-level bank positions will not be considered if they don’t meet new gender criteria. It’s not difficult to imagine a similar strategy in place to meet other diversity types, like immigrant and visible minority diversity.

Interview with Nomz CEO Jana Al Zaibak on Hiring a Refugee Workforce

Based in Toronto, Canada, Nomz is a rapidly expanding business, selling nutritious and delicious snacks. Hire Immigrants spoke to founder Jana Al Zaibak about her experience leveraging refugee talent.

Refugee Talent Pipeline Fills Positions at Nomz

Entrepreneur Jana Al Zaibak credits her employees with her business success. They’re driven, contribute their expertise and ideas, and are passionate about their work. Another thing they have in common? They’re all refugees.

Idea We’re Watching: “Project Ahlan” has Australian Restaurants Readying to Welcome Syrian Refugees

The owners of Almond Bar restaurant are partnering up with local chefs, restaurant owners, and immigrant serving agencies in Sydney, Australia, to welcome Syrian newcomers with training and job opportunities.

Mock Interviews by Cinnzeo Bakeries a Way to Support Newcomers and Source Talent

Some companies find it challenging to source immigrant talent. Not Cinnzeo Bakeries. The Calgary-based retailer of cinnamon buns meets directly with job candidates through volunteerism, an approach that supports job seekers and the company’s recruitment needs.

Investing in Staff Helps Teshmont Consulting Engage and Retain their Employees

Small engineering firm boosts retention of new immigrants by educating all employees about its various employee-focused programs.

i³ International Focuses On Skills and Experience, Not Country Of Origin

When recruiting, the small tech company looks for relevant experience and language skills in line with the position.

Immigrant HR Administrator Increases Openness in Recruiting At i³ International

When interviewed by a skilled immigrant, a newcomer candidate gets the clear message the tech company promotes and values diversity.

Halifax Company Uses Settlement Agency to Find Immigrants

Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services provides Maple Trade Finance access to candidates with the language and cultural skills to help the company succeed on a global scale.

Team Approach Reduces Bias during Recruitment at NoAb

Multiple people review resumés and interview candidates then share their perspectives to make the hiring decision.

Iris Power Engineering Uses Skills-Based Assessments During Recruitment

Role-specific tests, rather than conversation-based interviews, are used to assess a candidate’s competency.

Iris Power Engineering Uncovers the Talents Of Skilled Immigrant Employees

Regular meetings allow employees to discuss their skills and how they can be applied to help the company achieve its goals.

A Community Approach Attracts Immigrants to Rodrigues Winery

Winery offers help with travel and housing arrangements and introduces newcomers to members of the community in rural Newfoundland.

Engineering Firm Turns To Skilled Immigrants for Hard-To-Find Skills

Teshmont’s investment in skilled new immigrants is helping to secure a strong pool of management candidates for the future.