Employer Success Stories - Private

Scotiabank – Understanding Your Customers from the Inside Out

Scotiabank welcomes refugee talent and offers its employees opportunities to build and learn leadership and coaching skills. Working and supporting diverse new clients and employees is part of the banks corporate culture and there is no downside.

Starbucks and the First One Thousand

Starbucks wants to create opportunities for job ready candidates and will use their tried, tested and true ‘high touch’ approach to have a positive impact.

[Interview] Construction Trades Program: Innovative Partnership for Refugee Employment

LiUNA! Local 506 serves a diverse group, and considers itself one of the most multicultural unions in North America. The Syrian refugee population represented an untapped talent pool, and LiUNA! responded to their specific needs through an innovative partnership with ACCES Employment to create a program that would meet labour market demands, while providing a pathway to employment for Syrian refugees.

For RBC, Refugees are an Untapped Talent Pool and Strategic Advantage

RBC moves from understanding to action and looks to community organizations to build trust with refugee communities to engage in workforce planning and hiring diverse.

BDC Internships: Breaking Down the Barriers to Refugee Employment

Delivering on their commitment to diversity as a strategic imperative, BDC has created job opportunities for former refugees and new learning opportunities for staff: recognizing refugees as talent first, and refugees second.

Construction Union Trains and Tests in Native Language

The construction industry in Canada is a significant economic driver, accounting for 9% of Canada’s GDP. Future labour demands are high and immigrants are important.

Maple Leaf Foods Connects to Recruit Newcomers

Maple Leaf Foods gives workers the tools and supports they need to do their job. Offering on-site English language classes is one way to welcome their newcomer employees.

A Page for Immigrant Diversity from the Gender Diversity Handbook? Lloyds Sets Diversity Rules for Top Job Shortlists

Lloyds Banking Group announced earlier this year that candidate shortlists for high-level bank positions will not be considered if they don’t meet new gender criteria. It’s not difficult to imagine a similar strategy in place to meet other diversity types, like immigrant and visible minority diversity.

Interview with Nomz CEO Jana Al Zaibak on Hiring a Refugee Workforce

Based in Toronto, Canada, Nomz is a rapidly expanding business, selling nutritious and delicious snacks. Hire Immigrants spoke to founder Jana Al Zaibak about her experience leveraging refugee talent.

Refugee Talent Pipeline Fills Positions at Nomz

Entrepreneur Jana Al Zaibak credits her employees with her business success. They’re driven, contribute their expertise and ideas, and are passionate about their work. Another thing they have in common? They’re all refugees.

Idea We’re Watching: “Project Ahlan” has Australian Restaurants Readying to Welcome Syrian Refugees

The owners of Almond Bar restaurant are partnering up with local chefs, restaurant owners, and immigrant serving agencies in Sydney, Australia, to welcome Syrian newcomers with training and job opportunities.

Mock Interviews by Cinnzeo Bakeries a Way to Support Newcomers and Source Talent

Some companies find it challenging to source immigrant talent. Not Cinnzeo Bakeries. The Calgary-based retailer of cinnamon buns meets directly with job candidates through volunteerism, an approach that supports job seekers and the company’s recruitment needs.

Procurement Mentorships: RBC Royal Bank Mentors Diverse Suppliers

Through a supplier diversity strategy that includes a procurement mentorship program, RBC is sourcing from a larger supplier base, providing value to business clients and changing Canada’s supplier landscape.

Palliser Builds a Workforce alongside its Furniture

With a long history in immigrant employment, Palliser has key lessons for employers seeking to become more immigrant and diversity confident. From renewed hiring practice, to on-the-job training, to leadership from the top.

Enbridge Lays Down the Pipelines for Immigrant Talent to Succeed

Enbridge has long been deliberate about creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace, making it an employer of choice for immigrant talent.

A Window of Opportunity to Boost Employee Morale

Alberta employer of diverse workforce uses corporate chaplaincy program to help employees overcome personal challenges

New Canadians Help Each Other and all Staff to Succeed at RBC

Employee resource group fosters success through networking, peer coaching and mentoring.

Using a Diversity Lens Helps Scotiabank Succeed

Bank uses a variety of opportunities to tap into immigrant talent and therefore grow their business.

Investing in Staff Helps Teshmont Consulting Engage and Retain their Employees

Small engineering firm boosts retention of new immigrants by educating all employees about its various employee-focused programs.

RBC: Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce that is Representative of the Wider Community

A diverse workforce allows the bank to better serve a diverse client base, thus attracting more business.

Career Bridge Internships a Win-Win for St. Michael’s Hospital

Structured program allows hospital to assess skilled immigrants’ suitability for permanent jobs.

Syncrude Strengthens its Workforce by Recognizing Foreign Skills and Experience

Syncrude realizes it needs to have the most talented workforce in the field. It is doing this by hiring skilled immigrants that bring a wealth of skills and experience and they are also retaining them by providing an inclusive working environment.

Work Placement Program a Win-Win for Skilled Immigrants and Assiniboine Credit Union

The 12-week placement also includes 4 weeks of culture and communication training.

3M Uses Language Game to Build Cultural Competence

A five-minute language exercise helps 3M supervisors better understand the experiences of skilled immigrant employees who speak English as a second language.

FMC Takes Innovative Approach to Help Foreign-Trained Lawyer Overcome Licensing Barrier

Fraser Milner Casgrain teams up with Deloitte to create a shared articling position for a highly skilled lawyer from India.

Walmart provides a foot in the door

Tailored orientation and mentoring help a skilled immigrant move from a junior to senior role.

i³ International Focuses On Skills and Experience, Not Country Of Origin

When recruiting, the small tech company looks for relevant experience and language skills in line with the position.

Immigrant HR Administrator Increases Openness in Recruiting At i³ International

When interviewed by a skilled immigrant, a newcomer candidate gets the clear message the tech company promotes and values diversity.

CIBC Sources Skilled Immigrants In Toronto Area

Career fairs, credential recognition services and internships are some of the ways the bank finds skilled immigrants.

Halifax Company Uses Settlement Agency to Find Immigrants

Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services provides Maple Trade Finance access to candidates with the language and cultural skills to help the company succeed on a global scale.

Bias-Free Hiring Process Ensures Equal Access to Employment At Hummingbird

Hummingbird’s clear guidelines for recruitment and screening create a bias-free and consistent hiring process.

Leadership Development Program Helps Diverse Employees Reach Top Roles at Pitney Bowes

An accelerated leadership development program and leadership review process ensures skilled immigrants aren’t overlooked for senior positions.

KPMG Takes a Holistic Approach to Integrating Skilled Immigrants

The accounting firm integrates immigrant professionals by prioritizing transferable skills during the hiring process, developing customizable onboarding programs and encouraging business development through social support networks.

AMEX Canada Uses A Broad Recruitment Strategy To Find Skilled Immigrants

Government agencies, community organizations, ethnic media and employees are all sources of skilled immigrants.

Associated Engineering Helps Foreign-Trained Engineers Become Accredited In Canada

Engineering firm provides study aids, work experience and training to international engineers, who are an excellent source of much needed talent

Cross-Cultural Training Helps Skilled Immigrants Integrate At Deloitte

Cultural Navigator Tool clarifies cultural differences in the workplace, such as hierarchical nuances, reporting relationships and feedback.

Buddy Program and Communication Training Boost Skilled Immigrant Integration at Gennum

New employees are matched with a staff member from the same culture and are offered various communication courses, along with a professional development plan.

Capgemini Taps CASIP’s Job Developers Network for Skilled Immigrant Talent

The CASIP Job Developers Network is an official Capgemini recruiter. With pre-screened candidates and no placement fee, the network saves Capgemini time and money. Since January 2009 the company has hired three referrals from the network.

More than One-Third of Engineers Hired At Husky Are Skilled Immigrants

Husky tracks employees by skill and educational background to better understand which international institutions are more likely to produce high-potential candidates.

Teranet Teaches Soft Communication Skills on The Job

Accent and word usage have no bearing on an applicant’s ability to do the job.

Senior Leadership Involvement Drives Change at Manulife

By dedicating significant senior executive time and resources, Manulife’s leaders anticipate other companies will also rise to the challenge of hiring and integrating skilled immigrants.

Cross-Cultural Awareness Makes Employees Feel Included at ATI

Language classes and diversity training create an inclusive environment for a diverse workforce of skilled employees.

Skilled Immigrants Help LEA International Tap into Global Markets

A workforce with international language skills and cultural competencies is better positioned to land international contracts, leading to increased profitability

Skilled Immigrants Have the Specific Technical Skills ATI Needs

ATI often seeks specific skill sets that are not widely found in the Canadian labour force. Its HR strategy has been expanded to source candidates from foreign universities and labour markets.

Apotex Offers Business English Courses to Enhance Integration

Employees who fit in and communicate well with the rest of the workforce will remain with the organization and contribute to its growth.

Team Approach Reduces Bias during Recruitment at NoAb

Multiple people review resumés and interview candidates then share their perspectives to make the hiring decision.

Magna’s Employee Charter Guides Fair and Inclusive Hiring Practices

The company values skills, regardless of where they’re obtained, and offers equal employment opportunities based on qualifications and performance.

Hiring Immigrants Helps RBC Serve Multicultural Customers

Changing demographics prompted RBC to implement a recruitment strategy targeted at skilled immigrants.

Inclusiveness Leaders and Champions Support Diversity Efforts Throughout Ernst & Young

Leaders throughout the firm have taken on the responsibility of ensuring inclusiveness is top of mind for all employees.

Ernst & Young Makes Diversity a Strategic Imperative

The accounting firm has various diversity initiatives, including internal mentoring programs and networking events, as well as leadership conferences, all supported by the CEO.

IBM Creates a Structured, Bias-Free Recruitment Process

Recruiting team reflects diversity and uses behaviour-based structured interviewing to find best possible candidates, regardless of where they come from.

Diverse Employees Lead to Innovative Products at IBM Canada

Skilled immigrants help IBM create products that meet the needs of customers from a variety of cultures.

National Bank Focuses On the ‘Whole Package’ When Recruiting

The bank works with immigrant-serving organizations and trains managers on different cultures to access talented diverse candidates.

Partnering With Associations and Schools Helps Duke Energy Recruit Skilled Immigrants

Professional organizations and training programs give employers access to highly skilled immigrants.

A Community Approach Attracts Immigrants to Rodrigues Winery

Winery offers help with travel and housing arrangements and introduces newcomers to members of the community in rural Newfoundland.

Culture Training and Job Placements Helps Cambiran Credit Union Address Labour Shortage

Cambrian partners with Manitoba government and other credit unions to prepare newcomers for jobs in financial services.

Convergys Works With Community Agencies for Recruitment and Training

Agencies provide training for skilled immigrants, as well as cultural awareness training for managers to ensure a fair and open work environment.

Engineering Firm Turns To Skilled Immigrants for Hard-To-Find Skills

Teshmont’s investment in skilled new immigrants is helping to secure a strong pool of management candidates for the future.