Employer Champions

Employer Champions are Hire Immigrants partners. These companies are considered by Hire Immigrants to be at the forefront of a movement to tap into the talents of skilled immigrants.

They have identified, encouraged and supported participation in solution-oriented initiatives such as mentoring, internships, public awareness campaigns and award programs. These partners have been able to inform the discussion around the advantages of hiring skilled immigrants with other local stakeholders including government, regulatory bodies and universities.

Find out more about their leadership work with skilled immigrants.

Canadian Pacific
Canadian Pacific – Mentoring with two IECs and partnering with various immigrant organizations to provide unpaid work experiences
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CGI – Mentoring with two IECs and serving on the boards/councils of TRIEC and Hire Immigrants Ottawa Learn more
CIBC – Mentoring with two IECs and offering paid internships
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CIC – funds several IECs and offers the Federal Internship for Newcomers Program
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Deloitte – Mentoring with four IECs and active member of TRIEC’s Council and Alliés Montréal’s Strategic Affairs Council
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Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young – Mentoring with two IECs and has supported and implemented several programs that assist skilled immigrants to find and sustain employment
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Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Various municipalities are involved in mentoring programs along with funding and serving on IEC boards and committees
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Dentons – Mentoring with two IECs and created an internship program for internationally trained lawyers
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KPMG – Mentoring with two IECs and five time winner of Canada’s Best Employer for New Canadians award
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Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes – Mentored with four IECs and a winner of Canada’s Best Employer for New Canadians award
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RBC – Mentoring with 7 IECs and offering internships through Career Bridge
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Scotiabank – Supporter of TRIEC’s Professional Immigrant Networks, co-Chair on HIO’s Employer council and actively mentoring with 3 IECs
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TD Bank Group – Founding partner of TRIEC’s Mentoring Partnership and mentoring with four other communities along with serving on various boards/councils of IECs
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Telus – Active with two IECs in Western Canada including ERIEC’s mentoring program
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