Using and the Roadmap Tool to Create and Manage a Diverse Workforce

Are you looking for a free, one-stop-shop for information, resources and tools to help you better recruit, retain and promote skilled immigrants?

The website, along with the Roadmap tool, is that one-stop-shop, providing articles, HR policy templates, videos, webinars, report summaries and successful employer practices.

This webinar will walk you through the newly re-designed site and the Roadmap tool, highlighting the site’s new navigation, new content and resources and tools.

Speakers: Suzanne Hoffberg of Human Resources and Skills Development, and Munira Ravji of Maytree.

What Employers Need To Know

  • You can access the site through the top navigation that has three content areas (Why Hire, Recruit and Select and Managing Diversity), as well as Success Stories and Resources and Tools. You can also use the Find Your Way navigation on the home page and in the sidebar to search for content that is specific to your role, sector or size of organization.
  • The Roadmap is a step-by-step guide with strategies and tools to enhance your company’s human resources planning and practice. It will walk you through from recruiting candidates to select, onboarding and integrating them. The Roadmap is available on and can also be embedded in an organization’s intranet as an internal HR training resource.
  • To connect with skilled immigrants in your area, or with local programs such as mentoring or bridging programs, visit the Local Resources section of the website and click on your province or territory. Here you will find links to immigrant employment councils (where they exist), government portals and community resources.

Watch the Webinar

Press play to watch the full webinar (length: 53:43) or scroll down to jump to specific sections. There are Additional Resources, including a PDF of the slides, below the video.

Table of Contents

Additional Resources

  • Racism-Free Workplace Strategy: This initiative is part of the Human Resources and Skills Development’s Labour Program, and offers employers tools, workshops, research, policies and more on equality in the workplace.
  • The ABCs of Safety at BC Hydro: BC Hydro offers English courses to ensure employees are able to communicate effectively with team members, which boosts their ability to work safely. This success story is just one example of an employer that hires based on essential skills and then offers training to improve softer, non-essential skills such as communication.
  • 3M Uses Language Game to Build Cultural Competence: A five-minute language exercise helps 3M supervisors better understand the experiences of skilled immigrant employees who speak English as a second language. You can easily adapt this exercise as part of your own internal cultural competence or diversity training.
  • Finding Talent VideoThis training video presents the business case for hiring skilled immigrants and to demonstrate techniques that will allow companies to leverage the talents of skilled immigrants.
  • Integrating Talent Video: This training video presents the business case for integrating skilled immigrant talent and explores strategies for companies looking to create an inclusive workplace.
  • Webinar Slides: Download a PDF of the webinar slides.