Right in your Back Yard: Sourcing Immigrant Talent Faster

While organizations may understand the benefits of a diverse workforce, finding immigrant talent often can be a challenge. In this webinar you will learn about the Ottawa Job Match Network and Hire Immigrants Ottawa on how they support employers sourcing skilled immigrants.

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You will hear first-hand from Jessica Tomlin, Manager of HR at the Canadian Bureau for International Education who has used the Job Match Network successfully and you will also learn how you can find similar resources in your city


Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell, Director, Employer Engagement, Ottawa Job Match Network

Kelly McGahey, Senior Manager, Stakeholder Relations, Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Jessica Tomlin, Manager of HR, Canadian Bureau for International Education

Host: Peter Paul, Project Leader, ALLIES, Maytree

What Employers Need to Know

  • Ottawa Job Match Network (OJMN) is a practical and accessible resource for employers to recruit immigrant talent in the Ottawa Region.  The Network:
    • receives job orders from employers
    • scans their database of job-ready candidates and short lists to meet the employer’s requirements
    • refers pre-screened, qualified candidates to the employer

An employer then sets up interviews with the candidates and makes hiring decisions. OJMN provides post-recruitment supports to employers and newly hired employees.

  • Just as important to sourcing immigrant talent is ensuring your entire staff has adequate support to manage diverse talent. Cross-cultural competency training sessions for employers, managers and human resources staff are often available. You can gain skills, tools and strategies to help you adapt your workplace for a diverse employee base.  Hire Immigrant Ottawa and the TRIEC Campus offer such courses.
  • To broaden your recruiting of diverse talent use other resources. You can participate in networking and coaching events as well as mentoring programs. To connect with skilled immigrants in your area, or with local programs such as a job match network, mentoring or bridging programs download this document. You can also visit the Local Resources section of the website and click on your province or territory. Here you will find links to immigrant employment councils (where they exist), government portals and community resources.

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