Onboarding Skilled Immigrants: Ensuring Success for New Hires

Skilled immigrants are not only new to Canada — they’re new to your organization and its unique culture. Once you’ve hired a skilled immigrant, or any employee for that matter, a thorough onboarding process that introduces them to your workplace culture and sets out expectations helps increase employee retention and productivity.

In this webinar representatives of Proctor & Gamble and Providence Health Care talk about how onboarding programs can be used to ensure new immigrant hires reach their full potential.

Speakers: Alan Rego of P&G North America and Eileen Evens of Providence Health Care.

What Employers Need to Know:

  • The cost of not onboarding new hires is very high, with one study finding companies in the United States and United Kingdom lose about US$37 billion every year because employees don’t fully understand their jobs.
  • Onboarding helps new employees transition into their new role and organization and helps them begin contributing faster.
  • Organizations should incorporate information and supports around work culture and communication skills into onboarding for new immigrant hires.
  • Organizations should provide training for supervisors to ensure they know how to manage skilled immigrants.

To learn more, watch sections of the webinar, view the full recording, or download a PDF of the slides. There are also additional resources, such as checklists, for employers.

Section 1: How to Get Onboarding Right

Listen to Alan Rego, Manager of Consumer Relations at Proctor & Gamble North America, talk about the benefits of onboarding, five principles to get it right and some successful practices from P&G. (Length: 12:28)

Section 2: Providence Health Care Offers Extra Orientation for IENs

Listen to Eileen Evens, Lead Recruitment Advisor at Providence Health Care in Vancouver, talk about her organization’s orientation program for internationally educated nurses. (Length: 8:04)

Section 3: Questions and Answers

Listen to the Q&A portion of the webinar to get more specifics on the onboarding programs at both P&G and Providence Health Care. (Length: 31:58)

One of the questions — Do you address discrimination or racism in any onboarding programs at all? — wasn’t answered in the Q&A.

Eileen had this to say in response afterwards: “We talk about diversity in our New Employee Orientation which every new employee must attend.” And Alan had this to say: “We do run a diversity training which every new hire is expected to attend.”

Full Webinar

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