Mentoring: How Businesses Are Making It Work

Mentoring is a well-known practice to help underemployed skilled immigrants build their professional networks, learn the ins and outs of Canadian workplace culture and gain entry into the workforce. On May 31, 2011, hosted a webinar with representatives of Canadian Pacific and TD Bank Group talking about how mentoring also benefits the employers who provide volunteer mentors.

Speakers: Kari Giddings of Canadian Pacific, Joe Marini of TD Bank Group and Dorene Weston of Full Circle Consulting Inc.

What Employers Need to Know:

  • Mentors gain insight into the immigrant experience, develop their coaching and communication skills and are better able to work with diverse teams.
  • Mentoring helps employers meet organizational goals, such as corporate social responsibility, leadership development and cross-cultural competencies, and raises their profile in the immigrant community.
  • Local immigrant employment councils provide employers with a ready-to-use, turn-key mentoring program with marketing materials, mentor orientation sessions and ongoing mentor-mentee support.
  • The ALLIES National Mentoring Initiative supports employers in launching mentoring programs in multiple cities. 

To learn more, watch sections of the webinar or view the full 60-minute webinar.

Mentoring as a Solution for Skilled Immigrants

Listen to Dorene Weston, principal of Full Circle Consulting Inc., talk about how mentoring helps skilled immigrants overcome barriers to finding jobs commensurate with their skills and experience. She also provides insight into the hands-on support immigrant employment councils give organizations who provide volunteer mentors. (Length: 7m48s)

Canadian Pacific’s Mentoring Story

Listen to Kari Giddings, employee relations advisor at Canadian Pacific in Calgary, talk about how her organization started a mentoring program with the support of the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council and the benefits the organization has experienced. (Length: 16m42s)

Mentoring a Strategic Imperative at TD

Listen Joe Marini, associate vice-president of human resources, organization development, at TD Bank Group, talks about TD’s involvement with the ALLIES National Mentoring Initiative and how the bank has embedded mentoring as part of the organization’s performance and development culture. (Length: 13m19s)

Full Webinar

You can also download the Mentoring webinar slides.

Additional Resources:

  • National Mentoring Initiative: TD, KPMG, Pitney Bowes, and Deloitte are all part of the ALLIES National Mentoring Initiative, which provides employers with access to mentoring programs in multiple cities with common core criteria while respecting local realities.
  • Mentoring for Skilled Immigrants Toolkit: This description of the “nuts and bolts” of a successful mentoring model includes best practices, identifies discussion points and provides options related to implementation.
  • Mentoring Videos: These videos have tips on setting up a mentoring program, creating a successful mentoring relationship and the benefits of mentoring.
  • Highlights from the ALLIES Mentoring Conference Learn + Lead: ALLIES hosted a conference at the beginning of May, bringing together various stakeholders to discuss mentoring skilled immigrants.
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