Getting Buy-In From Hiring Managers

Two senior human resources professionals discuss what works and what doesn’t when trying to get hiring managers onside.

Watch the webinar. It is cropped at the beginning for optimal sound.

When polled, 82 per cent of webinar participants have had success getting buy-in from hiring managers and 88 per cent of participants’ companies’ senior leadership bought into diversity/ recruiting skilled immigrants. But only 50 per cent of participants had tried measuring diversity initiatives.

Watch the webinar, Measuring Change: Are Your Diversity Efforts Paying Off?, to learn more about how to measure diversity initiatives.

Speakers: Daniela Perciasepe, Director of Human Resources at Enbridge; Ross Johnston, Found of Ask4 Talent & Career Solutions.

Moderator: Bridget Carter, Past President of the Human Resources Professionals of York Region and Principal at Sapphire Consulting.

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