Recruiting and Retaining Skilled Immigrants: Award-Winning Practices From Small, Medium and Large Companies

Listen to the 2007 Immigrant Success Award winners tell how much of their company’s success has come from recruiting and integrating skilled immigrants into their workforce.

Hear how Steam Whistle achieves an employee retention rate of 90%, how Xerox works with 137 employees from over 35 countries and how the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has created a diversity committee to train their 400 staff and volunteers for success.

Speakers: 2007 Immigrant Success (IS) Award Winners: Cam Heaps, President Steam Whistle Brewing (Small Employer Award);  Dr. Hadi Mahabadi, VP Xerox Research Centre of Canada (Medium Employer Award); and Catherine MacEwen, HR Safety and Communications Manager Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (Large Employer Award)

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