Employer Webinars - Why Hire

Brokering Success – Improving Skilled Immigrant Employment Outcomes

Learn how government-employer engagement can help skilled immigrants find employment.

Government as Employer of Skilled Immigrants

Find out what practices and policies various levels of governments are using to encourage the employment of immigrants.

Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies – What Employers Need to Know

Learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigration system and how they may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

hireimmigrants.ca Roadmap: Get Your Company’s HR Planning On Track

This webinar will walk you through the benefits, features and functionality of the hireimmigrants.ca Roadmap.

Getting Buy-In From Hiring Managers

Watch this webinar to learn what has and what hasn’t worked for two senior HR professionals when getting buy-in from hiring managers.

Building Buy-In from Hiring Managers

Learn how companies have convinced hiring managers to accept candidates with international experience