Employer Webinars - Attracting Immigrants

Outside the Big City: Attracting & Retaining Immigrant Talent in Rural Areas

Attracting and retaining newcomer talent is more than just a goal for small cities and rural communities: it’s a matter of survival! Watch this webinar to learn about initiatives that can help employers in rural areas connect with newcomer talent and populations.

What Comes First — Language or Work?

Bias, whether conscious or unconscious, favours certain people in the hiring process based on superficial characteristics like name and place of education that have nothing to do with their talent or potential. This webinar will dive deeper to understand how and why this form of discrimination occurs. It will look at practical solutions being tested in the workplace to disrupt hiring bias. Join us on October 27 with guest speakers Phil Oreopoulos of the University of Toronto and Heidi Walker of GapJumpers.