Employer Webinars

Refugees Jobs Agenda: Entrepreneurship Offers Pathway to Employment

Learn how models in Toronto and New York are meeting the needs of newcomer entrepreneurs through breaking down barriers and using innovative solutions to jump start business success for newcomers.

Refugees Jobs Agenda: Rethinking Employer Role & Leadership

Listen to this webinar to learn how organizations have met growing labour and skills shortages through programs aimed to actively recruit and integrate refugee talent into the workforce.

Refugees Jobs Agenda: Kick-Starting Employer Action

Watch this webinar to learn more about the Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda Roundtable after its first year: getting started, who was at the table, practical strategies for refugee employment and how to strengthen private sector engagement in the global refugee crisis.

Employer Road Map: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring Highly Skilled Immigrants

Fully leveraging skilled immigrant talent has never been more important for continued business success, but where should employers start? The hireimmigrants.ca Employer Roadmap is a great tool to help you get started. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Supplier Diversity: Opportunities to Tap into Supply Chains

Are you a business-owner interested in doing business with large corporations, like RBC Royal Bank of Canada, Sodexo Canada or TransCanada PipeLines Limited? Watch this webinar, and open up your thinking to the big business opportunity supplier diversity provides.

Outside the Big City: Attracting & Retaining Immigrant Talent in Rural Areas

Attracting and retaining newcomer talent is more than just a goal for small cities and rural communities: it’s a matter of survival! Watch this webinar to learn about initiatives that can help employers in rural areas connect with newcomer talent and populations.

Diversity Matters: How to Win the War for Talent

Every year Canada’s population is increased with top talent from across the world. Knowing how to access this talent pool, and effectively leverage diversity for your business is crucial for remaining competitive. Watch this free webinar to learn the business case for diversity, and how to access diverse talent.

Overcoming Hiring Bias: Strategies for Inclusive Recruitment

As an employer, accessing the best, most talented people is a key ingredient for success. But what happens if the most talented person is screened out before the interview? Register for this webinar to learn how you can address hiring biases to better your recruitment practices.

Economic Power of Collaboration: Hospitality Industry & Non-profit Partnerships

Watch this webinar to learn how one hospitality leader tackles recruitment, retention and training challenges through an innovative partnership model.

Talent Has No Boundaries: Private Sector Looks to Syrian Refugees for Labour Market Needs

In this webinar, Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) and the Construction Foundation of British Columbia (CFBC) will share with us their unique partnership model that provides a new talent pipeline that meets business needs, and strengthens private sector engagement in the global refugee crisis.

From Idea to Business: Basic First Steps for Successful Entrepreneurship

Whether recently arrived or in Canada for many years, knowing how to move your idea into a successful business is important for continued growth and long-term success.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Cross-Cultural Team Building and Diversity in the Workplace

Join Hire Immigrants and the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) for a conversation with Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University, moderated by Ryan Montpellier, Executive Director of MiHR, on how to leverage and successfully build effective cross-cultural teams for your workplace.

What Comes First — Language or Work?

Bias, whether conscious or unconscious, favours certain people in the hiring process based on superficial characteristics like name and place of education that have nothing to do with their talent or potential. This webinar will dive deeper to understand how and why this form of discrimination occurs. It will look at practical solutions being tested in the workplace to disrupt hiring bias. Join us on October 27 with guest speakers Phil Oreopoulos of the University of Toronto and Heidi Walker of GapJumpers.

Legal Basics for Your Business

Talking to a lawyer is a core first step for newcomer entrepreneurs to learn about the legal basics for businesses in Canada. Join the Legal Basics for Your Business webinar and learn from two experts in legal and business planning to help you start your business right.

[New Research] Why Matthew but not Samir? Disrupting the Hiring Bias

[New Research] This webinar has been updated with new research findings. In an exclusive event, Dr. Rupa Banerjee, co-author of the new research report, “Do Large Employers Treat Racial Minorities More Fairly”, reviews the research and explains the negative impacts on job-seekers and employers alike.

Brokering Success – Improving Skilled Immigrant Employment Outcomes

Learn how government-employer engagement can help skilled immigrants find employment.

Government as Employer of Skilled Immigrants

Find out what practices and policies various levels of governments are using to encourage the employment of immigrants.

Low Risk, Big Return: Using Paid Internships to Recruit Skilled Immigrant Talent

Learn about Career Edge’s program and its innovative partnership with RBC on supporting business clients of the bank to access internationally trained talent.

Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Understand how to create and implement a religious accommodation policy in your workplace to meet legal requirements and to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Expression of Interest: Canada’s Proposal to Recruit Immigrant Talent – Implications for Employers

Learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigrant selection system and how it may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

Bias-Free Hiring and Assessment: Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier

Learn how you can implement effective hiring practices that discounts “Canadian experience”.

Right in your Back Yard: Sourcing Immigrant Talent Faster

Learn about the Ottawa Job Match Network and Hire Immigrants Ottawa on how they support employers sourcing skilled immigrants and how you can do the same in your region.

Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies – What Employers Need to Know

Learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigration system and how they may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

Using hireimmigrants.ca and the Roadmap Tool to Create and Manage a Diverse Workforce

This webinar walks users through the re-designed hireimmigrants.ca site – and the Roadmap tool – exploring the navigation and new content to help employers recruit, retain and promote skilled immigrants.

Winning HR Practices: A Closer Look at the 2012 Best Employers for New Canadians

This webinar highlights award-winning practices, such as mentoring and language training, from the winners of the 2012 Best Employers for New Canadians competition.

Professional Immigrant Networks: Connecting with Immigrant Talent

This webinar examines professional immigrant networks as a source of immigrant talent that can help employers meet business and organizational needs.

Increasing Intercultural Competence: Maximizing a Diverse Workforce

This webinar highlights the importance of intercultural competence, examines elements to include in training and how intercultural competence affects employee productivity.

Onboarding Skilled Immigrants: Ensuring Success for New Hires

Watch this webinar to learn about onboarding practices that can help new immigrant hires reach their full potential.

Mentoring: How Businesses Are Making It Work

Learn how Canadian Pacific and TD Bank Group benefit from having employees mentor skilled immigrants.

Best Employers for New Canadians 2011: Best Practices In Recruiting and Integrating Skilled Immigrants

In this webinar, learn about promising practices in the recruitment and retention of skilled immigrants from some of the winners of the 2010 Best Employers for New Canadians competition.

How We Turn Language and Communication Challenges Into a Competitive Advantage

This webinar provides employers with ideas and tools to manage communication barriers and facilitate discussions within multicultural, mutilingual teams.

Cross-Cultural Interviewing and Selecting

Learn how to overcome communication barriers in interviews, tips for telephone interviewing and successful practices in behaviour-based structured interviewing.

Resumés and Cultural Bias: How Many Qualified Candidates Has Your Company Screened Out?

This webinar offers practical tools for overcoming bias by focusing on competencies and educational qualifications when screening resumés.

hireimmigrants.ca Roadmap: Get Your Company’s HR Planning On Track

This webinar will walk you through the benefits, features and functionality of the hireimmigrants.ca Roadmap.

Measuring change: Are your diversity efforts paying off?

Find out how three organizations create and monitor diversity initiatives in their workplaces.

Getting Buy-In From Hiring Managers

Watch this webinar to learn what has and what hasn’t worked for two senior HR professionals when getting buy-in from hiring managers.

Diverse Workforce: How To Measure It Effectively

Listen to this webinar to learn how to design and implement a workforce census to better understand diversity in your organization.

Mentoring: Why Corporations are Onboard

Learn how mentoring skilled immigrants has increased employee retention and boosted morale at two organizations.

How Business Communication Classes Can Unleash the Talent of Your Culturally Diverse Workforce

Read the webinar transcript to find out how better communication leads to improved teamwork and increased employee morale and retention, as well as innovation.

Recruiting and Retaining Skilled Immigrants: Award-Winning Practices From Small, Medium and Large Companies

Listen to the 2007 Immigrant Success Award winners tell how much of their company’s success has come from recruiting and integrating skilled immigrants into their workforce.

Separation of Church and Work: What Employers Need to Know About Accommodation

In this webinar, learn about the duty to accommodate employees’ religious practices and how to implement these changes in your organization.

Working with a Community Agency to Develop a Customized Language Program for Your Skilled Immigrant Employees

Learn why one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers provides a customized language program for their skilled immigrant employees.

Leveraging Skills International for Your Recruiting

Learn how Skills International matches pre-screened skilled immigrants with employers in Ontario.

Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges and Solutions

Learn how to improve employees’ communication skills to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Building Buy-In from Hiring Managers

Learn how companies have convinced hiring managers to accept candidates with international experience

New Ruling in Overqualification: How Will It Affect Your Hiring Practices?

Hear about the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling that found turning down an overqualified candidate is discriminatory.

Planning and Sourcing To Reach Your Company’s Full Potential

Learn why two successful companies changed their recruiting strategies to include skilled immigrants and the benefits they have realized.