Cross-Cultural Teamwork Episode 4: Facilitating Contributions to Team Discussions

Cultural factors can affect communication and decision-making in a team setting. (Version français.)

The effect of team members who are unaccustomed to arguing their individual points is examined in the fourth episode of Cross-Cultural Teamwork, a series of training videos developed by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of two skilled immigrants and their colleagues at CQR Logistics.

In this episode, when Victor is asked comment on modernizing the company’s website, his response is hesitant, unsure and confusing. We then see the segment, “Preferred Practices,” which suggests how the discussion could have been better managed.

Tips for Employers:

  • Employees who are concise and structured in their response are considered confident in their knowledge. A “narrative” communication style, which provides important information at the “end” of a long explanation, is not appreciated in most workplaces and can be wrongly interpreted.

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Watch the first episode: Pre-Meeting “Small Talk”.

Length: 6:57

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