Cross-Cultural Teamwork Episode 1: Pre-Meeting “Small Talk”

Small talk allows colleagues to get to know each other better, find areas of common interest or experience and interact more easily. It can also help a team become more cohesive. (Version français.)

The importance of small talk is highlighted in the first episode of Cross-Cultural Teamwork, a series of training videos developed by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of two skilled immigrants and their colleagues at CQR Logistics.

In this episode we see Nazneen and Victor at their first meeting with the team. We then see the segment, “Preferred Practices,” which suggests how the meeting could have been better managed.

Tips for Employers:

  • Making small talk is part of communicating in the workplace.
  • Basic rules for conducting team meetings include: introductions that ensure that everyone at the meeting knows who the others are and what their roles are; a clear explanation as to the purpose of the team; ground rules that enable all team members to feel equally valued and to participate comfortably and confidently in the discussion.

Watch the video or to use the video for internal training or presentations, you can download through the TRIEC Campus. You will have to register (free) and then you can download the video.

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Length: 7:15

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