Skilled Immigrants Solution to Huawei Canada’s Talent Challenges

When Huawei Canada established itself in Canada in 2008, they faced many challenges finding the highly skilled talent they needed. Skilled immigrants were the solution.

Newcomers are more likely to be aware of Huawei’s global brand than Canadian-born talent, which made it easier for Huawei Canada to compete for high quality talent against better known brands in Canada. Internationally trained professionals also bring with them state-of-the-art technical skills that are still very scarce among the Canadian-trained talent pool.

Sixty per cent of Huawei’s Markham workforce are skilled immigrants and for one-half of them, Huawei was their first employer in Canada. Earlier this year, Huawei Canada was awarded the 2011 RBC Immigrant Advantage Award as part of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council’s IS Awards.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Huawei Canada benefits from skilled immigrant talent. You can also read more about Huawei Canada and the IS Awards.