Cross-Cultural Teamwork Episode 2: Accommodating Religious Diversity

Discrimination because of religion is against the law. Everyone should have access to the same opportunities and benefits, and be treated with equal dignity and respect, regardless of their religion. (Version français.)

How to accommodate religious diversity is highlighted in the second episode of Cross-Cultural Teamwork, a series of training videos developed by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of two skilled immigrants and their colleagues at CQR Logistics.

In this episode, the team attempts to set up a meeting that doesn’t conflict with any team members’ religious observances, vacations or work schedules. We then see the segment, “Preferred Practices,” which suggests how the situation could have been better managed.

Tips for Employers:

  • When a rule conflicts with religious requirements, there is a duty to ensure that individuals are able to observe their religion, unless this would cause undue hardship because of cost, or health and safety reasons.
  • Both the people responsible for providing the accommodation and the person requesting it have rights and responsibilities during accommodation.

Watch the video or request a download for internal training or presentations. Watch the next video in the series: Delegating Roles and Managing Communication Barriers

Length: 5:58

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