Integrating Talent Video 5: Retaining Skilled Immigrant Talent

Individual and organizational cultural competencies play important roles in promoting inclusive talent management practices. How this facilitates an individual’s ability to “fit” in is highlighted in the fifth installment of Integrating Talent, a training video created by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of the skilled immigrant Tarek and his employer MetroCan Technologies. (Version français.)

As the team moves toward achieving their goal, the impact of interpersonal conflict on co-workers and team performance is presented, with a focus on the value placed on soft skills. Watch the video to see how cultural differences can be acknowledged and considered in an organizations’ rewards and recognition practices, celebrations and retention strategies.

Tips for Employers:

  • As employers become increasingly adept at attracting and hiring new immigrants into their organizations, the need to develop and implement inclusive talent management strategies to retain and promote the new workforce becomes crucial.
  • Effective integration of new skilled immigrants into the workplace requires both the organization and the new immigrant employee to develop cultural awareness and initiate change at the organizational and personal level.

Watch the video or to use the video for internal training or a presentation, you can download through the TRIEC Campus. You will have to register (free) and then you can download the video.

Watch the first video in the series: New Skilled Immigrant Employee Orientation, Coaching and Support.

Length: 13:04

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