Highly Skilled Immigrants: Untapped Potential

Presented by Hire Immigrants and New Horizons Media

Canada welcomes the best and brightest from around the world through its immigration programs. Highly-skilled immigrants bring with them the qualifications, experience and technical skills necessary for businesses facing a skills gap. Listen to these talented individuals for a preview of the skills and expertise highly-skilled immigrants bring with them to Canada.

Engineering with Focus & Purpose

Gema Rodriguez, Civil Engineer: Hear Gema’s story of immigrating to Canada, her desire to find purpose and meaning in her settlement.

Global Citizen Building International Networks

Bashar (Paul) Haddaden, Architect & Urban Planner: Hear Paul’s story of immigrating to Canada, his diverse experience and desire to embody a true global citizen through his international networks.

Volunteering Opens Doors

Dr. Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra, Researcher: Hear Muhammad’s story of immigrating to Canada, his dynamic educational background and experience in research and teaching.