Finding Talent

Finding Talent, a training video developed by TRIEC to present the business case for hiring skilled immigrants and to demonstrate techniques that will allow companies to leverage the talents of skilled immigrants. (Version française.)

In the video, a fictional corporation loses a key project manager just when they have secured a lucrative new contract. They’re facing a challenging project delivery date. They are considering trying to poach a high caliber replacement from their competitors, but doing so could mean missing the project deadline. When the company decides to broaden their recruitment strategy to include skilled immigrants to fill the gap, the story exposes typical challenges faced by Canadian employers today.

This video is intended for HR professionals and line managers with hiring responsibilities as well as for employers and immigrant-serving agencies offering training to skilled immigrants who are looking for work in their fields. It is one of the resources TRIEC offers to support employers as they look at ways to tap into the skilled immigrant talent pool to meet critical skills shortages.

To use the Finding Talent video for internal training or presentations, you can download through the TRIEC Campus. You will have to register (free) and then you can download the video.

You can also download a facilitator’s guide (for an employer audience), a facilitator’s guide (for a skilled immigrant audience) and a self-study guide for skilled immigrants.

Watch the full video or the individual chapters:

Length: 33:47

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