Finding Talent Chapter 7: Tell Me About Yourself

Sometimes interviewers take for granted that every interviewee, regardless of background, knows how to respond to typical interview questions. However, some of those “typical” questions are based in a language and culture that may be confusing to the interviewee. (Version français.)

This kind of misunderstanding is highlighted in the seventh instalment of Finding Talent, a training video by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of MetroCan Technologies as it considers hiring a skilled immigrant named Tarek.

In this chapter, the hiring manager tries to determine whether Tarek will “fit in” and strays from the interview guide.

Tips for Employers:

  • Interview guides allow for a more consistent approach to hiring.
  • Reassess the wording of interview questions that may be unclear to candidates in order to create a more level playing field.
  • What is considered important information to share during a job interview varies from culture to culture.

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Length: 1:38

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