Finding Talent Chapter 5: Screening Resumés of Skilled Immigrant Job Candidates

Hiring managers in Canada tend to look down on what they consider atypical resumé formats, such as resumes that include extraneous details, potentially screening out skilled immigrant jobseekers. (Version français.)

This cultural bias, and how to overcome it to ensure the best candidates are considered, is highlighted in the fifth instalment of Finding Talent, a training video by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of MetroCan Technologies as it considers hiring a skilled immigrant named Tarek.

In this chapter, the HR professional and the hiring manager react to Tarek’s resume that follows an atypical format and includes his picture, marital status, age and gender.

Tips for Employers:

  • Flexibility in assessing atypical resumes may yield positive results.
  • An open discussion among hiring managers to unveil their cultural biases can help them understand what causes selection bias and how to overcome it.

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Length 3:08