Finding Talent Chapter 3: Accent and Odours – Considerations for Hiring Decisions?

Many employers fail to leverage the essential skills that skilled immigrants bring to Canada because of cultural biases. (Version française.)

How these biases may affect a hiring decision are highlighted in the third instalment of Finding Talent, a training video by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of MetroCan Technologies as it considers hiring a skilled immigrant named Tarek.

In this chapter, the hiring manager presents his notion of “organizational fit,” while the HR professional addresses discrimination based on accent.

Tips for Employers:

  • It is valuable to reassess the notion of “organizational fit,” to define what it means and to explore whether it excludes groups of potential candidates.
  • Cultural values may create unconscious and conscious biases in hiring.
  • Discriminating against someone because they have an accent is against the law.

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Length: 4:03

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