Finding Talent Chapter 2: Attracting Qualified Skilled Immigrant Job Candidates

Tapping into the skilled immigrant talent pool and leveraging cultural differences can help companies compete in a global marketplace, as well as in increasingly diverse local market. (Version française.)

These benefits are highlighted in the second installment of Finding Talent, a training video by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of MetroCan Technologies as it considers hiring a skilled immigrant named Tarek.

In this chapter, the hiring manager and the HR professional discuss including other channels for recruitment and opening up the search to skilled immigrants.

Tips for Employers:

  • Broadening the scope of a recruitment search will increase the chances of finding good candidates for the position.
  • Companies operating in a globalized economy can benefit from recruiting skilled immigrants who bring language skills and a solid understanding of business cultures in international markets.
  • It is important for members in a hiring team to bring differing perspectives.

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Length: 0:47

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