Finding Talent Chapter 13: Interview Guides

Interview guides that include interview questions based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes model can significantly reduce cultural bias in the interview process. Good interview guides include clearly defined guidelines that show how the interview should be structured to mitigate selection bias. (Version français.)

The importance of interview guides and the value skilled immigrants bring to an organization are highlighted in the thirteenth, and final, instalment of Finding Talent, a training video by TRIEC that follows the fictional experiences of MetroCan Technologies as it considers hiring a skilled immigrant named Tarek.

In this chapter, the HR professional and hiring manager discuss Tarek’s suitability for the job and decide to offer him the position.

Tips for Employers:

  • The use of an interview guide may help to reduce systemic barriers against skilled immigrants.
  • There is a solid business case for considering skilled immigrants.

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Watch the first video in the series: Essential Versus Non-Essential Skills.

Length: 7:01

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