“Diversity and Entrepreneurship” Keynote Speech (video) by Kirk Dudtschak, RBC Royal Bank

Entrepreneurship drives vibrant business ecosystems, and diversity is core to both entrepreneurial development and social innovation. In the following excerpts from a keynote delivered at the 8th Annual Conference of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship convened at Ryerson University, Kirk Dudtschak, Executive Vice President of Personal & Commercial Banking at RBC Royal Bank, examines the links between diversity and entrepreneurship.

“Having diversity is interesting, doing something with it is powerful.”

His perspective is enriched by business and personal experience, as the son of immigrant entrepreneurs. Mr. Dudtschak outlines an important vision for linking diverse talent to opportunity, to create value for business and economies.

Click here to read the transcript of Mr. Dudtschak’s remarks.

As Executive Vice President, Kirk Dudtschak leads RBC’s eight personal and business regions in Canada and its Caribbean Banking business. He is also President & CEO of Royal Mutual Funds Inc., a member of the Greater Toronto United Way and past board member of the Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council.

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