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Supplier Diversity Forum (video) for small business hosted by RBC Royal Bank and Hire Immigrants

Learn about supplier diversity and how becoming a certified diverse supplier can help your company win business.

“Diversity and Entrepreneurship” Keynote Speech (video) by Kirk Dudtschak, RBC Royal Bank

Kirk Dudtschak, Executive Vice President of Personal & Commercial Banking at RBC Royal Bank, examines the links between diversity and entrepreneurship.

Focusing on diversity leads to growth and innovation at RBC

Hiring immigrant talent is an essential pipeline of growth for Canadian businesses.

RBC finds that paying attention to newcomers is smart business

To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

TRIEC: 10 Years of Meaningful Work

TRIEC plays a strategic role in connecting skilled immigrants to the labour market.

Reflecting on RBC and Gordon Nixon’s Leadership on Immigrant Employment

As chair of TRIEC, RBC’s CEO Gordon Nixon has been a champion of immigrant inclusion in the workforce.

“Diversity for growth and innovation” – RBC featured by the Greater Halifax Partnership

In this video the Smart City Business show visits a RBC branch and learns the value of hiring immigrant talent.

Closing the Skills Gap, IEC-BC at the BC Chamber Annual General Meeting

Immigrant employment solutions can play a large role in addressing the skills crisis in BC

SMTC’S Diverse Workforce Builds an Award Winning Company

Diverse ideas and experiences improves processes and satisfies customers needs.

Hiring Highly Skilled People from Around the World Gives Trinity Tech a Competitive Advantage

When Dunstan Peter, President and CEO of Trinity Tech was growing his company, he needed highly skilled people to give his small business the advantage. His skilled immigrant hires did just that

IEC-BC: Meeting the Demand for Skilled Talent

In this video Prince George employers, service providers and government agencies talk about their experiences in attracting skilled immigrants to the north of British Columbia.

The Benefits of Hiring Skilled Immigrants (Series)

The business case for hiring skilled immigrant talent is clear to many of us. But it isn’t yet to everyone. This 3-part audio-video series helps make the case, in the words of employers who already get it.

Hiring Skilled Immigrants – A Sound Business Decision

Business leaders from both large and small companies identify several key reasons why they hire skilled immigrants.

Scotiabank on Hiring Skilled Immigrants

Denis Jackson, Senior Executive with Scotiabank, talks about the importance of Ottawa’s culturally diverse immigrant talent pool, and how Hire Immigrants Ottawa supports employers leverage the skilled immigrant talent.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa – Why Hire Skilled Immigrants

Ottawa business leaders provide a compelling account of the reasons for hiring skilled immigrants

Skilled Immigrants Help College Reflect Diversity Among Students

Denyce Diakun, Director of Workforce and Personal Development at Algonquin College, talks about the benefits of skilled immigrant employees, including new expertise and a global perspective.

Advice to Employers: Look Beyond Traditional Sources for Top Talent

Paul Vallée, Founder and Executive Chairman of Pythian, gives advice to employers looking to hire and integrate skilled immigrants.

Skilled Immigrants Solution to Huawei Canada’s Talent Challenges

When Huawei Canada established itself in Canada in 2008, they faced many challenges finding the highly skilled talent they needed. Skilled immigrants were the solution.

Changing Markets Make Skilled Immigrants an Essential Source of Talent

Michelle Dulmadge, Manager of Operational Human Resources at AltaGas, talks about the value of skilled immigrants and how organizations can tap into this talent pool.

Skilled Immigrants Attract More Talent to Pythian

Paul Vallée, Founder and Executive Chairman of Pythian, talks about how skilled immigrant employees attract other “leading minds” to the Ottawa-based company.

Immigration & Canada: It’s Just Who We Are

Michael Bach, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at KPMG, talks about The Globe and Mail article “Immigrant Drop Imperils Ontario Economy.”

Tapping Into Immigrant Talent is Critical to Canada’s Economy and Businesses

Canadian organizations need to do a better job of recruiting and integrating skilled immigrants or risk losing them to other countries, says Jane Allen, Chief Diversity Officer at Deloitte.

RBC’s Zabeen Hirji on Skilled Immigrant Integration and Organizational Change

In this video Zabeen Hirji talks about corporate culture to recognize, welcome and leverage assets of skilled immigrants.

Leadership Strategies for Successfully Integrating Skilled Immigrant Talent

In this video, Gord Nixon President and CEO, RBC and chair of TRIEC provides advice to business leaders about effectively bringing skilled immigrants on board.

RBC’s Gord Nixon on the Business Case for Skilled Immigrant Integration

In this video Gord Nixon speaks about why hiring and integrating immigrant talent is vital to the bank’s business.

Mentoring Is a Win-Win for Businesses and Individuals

TD Bank Group has identified four benefits of having employees mentor skilled immigrants.

Immigration Works in Halifax featuring RBC

RBC’s hiring of skilled immigrants has brought international skills and experience to improve their business in Halifax.

Finding Talent Chapter 2: Attracting Qualified Skilled Immigrant Job Candidates

Tapping into the skilled immigrant talent pool and leveraging cultural differences can help companies compete in a global marketplace, as well as in increasingly diverse local market.

It’s Just Smart Business

Watch as three employers speak about why “it’s just smart business” to tap into skilled immigrant talent