Employer Videos - Managing a Diverse Workforce

Employer Video Series: Hiring Skilled Immigrants

We asked a number of successful employers, including KPMG Canada, Deloitte Canada and Trinity Tech Inc., about the benefits of hiring skilled immigrants. Watch this series of employer videos to learn more about how these employers have experienced the value skilled immigrants contribute to their team, the solutions for overcoming obstacles and the practices for effectively hiring skilled immigrants.

Supplier Diversity Forum (video) for small business hosted by RBC Royal Bank and Hire Immigrants

Learn about supplier diversity and how becoming a certified diverse supplier can help your company win business.

“Diversity and Entrepreneurship” Keynote Speech (video) by Kirk Dudtschak, RBC Royal Bank

Kirk Dudtschak, Executive Vice President of Personal & Commercial Banking at RBC Royal Bank, examines the links between diversity and entrepreneurship.

Focusing on diversity leads to growth and innovation at RBC

Hiring immigrant talent is an essential pipeline of growth for Canadian businesses.

RBC finds that paying attention to newcomers is smart business

To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

MOSAIC: An Employee Resource Group Leads to Successful Onboarding of Immigrant Talent

Networking, peer coaching and mentoring fosters success for new hires.

Career Edge Innovation Award Winner: RBC-Career Edge Associate Host Program

Enabling RBC’s business clients to access skilled immigrant talent through a paid internship.

Enbridge Wins 2014 Welcoming Workplace RISE Award

Company is being recognized for the work they have done to make skilled immigrants feel a valued part of the company.

TRIEC: 10 Years of Meaningful Work

TRIEC plays a strategic role in connecting skilled immigrants to the labour market.

Reflecting on RBC and Gordon Nixon’s Leadership on Immigrant Employment

As chair of TRIEC, RBC’s CEO Gordon Nixon has been a champion of immigrant inclusion in the workforce.

SMTC’S Diverse Workforce Builds an Award Winning Company

Diverse ideas and experiences improves processes and satisfies customers needs.

Business Edge for Internationally Educated Professionals

Enabling and empowering skilled immigrants to move back into jobs where they can fully utilize their skills, education and professional experience.

How to Manage a Diverse Workforce

Organizations that want to out-perform the competition need to create talent management processes that ensure all employees, including skilled immigrants, are engaged and contributing to their full potential.

Tips from Metro Testing on how to Successfully Integrate Skilled Immigrants into Your Company

Job shadowing, not asking for Canadian work experience and being patient are all parts of hiring and onboarding diverse talent

The Benefits of Hiring Skilled Immigrants (Series)

The business case for hiring skilled immigrant talent is clear to many of us. But it isn’t yet to everyone. This 3-part audio-video series helps make the case, in the words of employers who already get it.

Integrating Skilled Immigrants Starts with a Vision and a Group of Champions

Denyce Diakun, Director of Workforce and Personal Development at Algonquin College offers advice for employers who want to better recruit and integrate skilled immigrants.

Loblaw Helps Foreign-Trained Pharmacists Become Licensed

Hari Pemasani, a pharmacist from India, talks about how Loblaw helped him grow his career from part-time pharmacy assistant to pharmacy manager.

Cultural Competency Training Makes College an Award-Winning Employer

Denyse Diakun, Director of Workforce and Personal Development at Algonquin College talks about the college’s cultural competency training and the effect it has had on employees.

A Diverse Workforce is Essential for TD’s Success

Ed Clark, Group President and CEO at TD Bank Group, talks about why diversity will continue to be a priority for TD Bank long after his retirement in 2013.

Saskatoon Health Region Helps IEHPs Bridge Licensing Gap

Allison Laughren, Workforce Planning Consultant at Saskatoon Health Region, talks about how she supports internationally educated health professionals achieve Canadian licensure.

TD Unlocks Employee Potential by Helping Them Develop “Soft” Skills

TD Bank helps newcomers integrate into the workforce in three ways, says Craig Alexander, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist at TD Economics.

3M Managers Walk in Newcomers’ Shoes

3M’s language game helps managers better understand the experiences of skilled immigrant employees.

Integrating Talent

This training video presents the business case for integrating skilled immigrant talent and explores strategies for companies looking to create an inclusive workplace.

Integrating Talent Video 1: New Skilled Immigrant Employee Orientation, Coaching and Support

Challenges can arise during new employee orientation if cultural differences aren’t considered.

Integrating Talent Video 2: Cross-Cultural Teamwork

Unspoken workplace norms, rules and expectations can potentially trip up a skilled immigrant’s performance — and the team’s.

Integrating Talent Video 3: Manager-Employee and Peer-to-Peer Relations

Cultural factors can affect how members of team communicate and understand each other.

Integrating Talent Video 4: Performance Review – Reward and Recognition

Cultural differences can influence the effectiveness of performance feedback in a diverse workplace.

Integrating Talent Video 5: Retaining Skilled Immigrant Talent

Individual and organizational cultural competencies play important roles in promoting inclusive talent management practices.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork Series

This video series demonstrates how cultural differences can impact team dynamics in a Canadian workplace and offers strategies for maximizing the contribution of all team members on a culturally diverse team.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork Introduction

This video series demonstrates how cultural differences can impact team dynamics in a Canadian workplace and offers strategies for maximizing the contribution of all team members on a culturally diverse team.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork Episode 1: Pre-Meeting “Small Talk”

Learn how small talk allows colleagues to get to know each other better, find areas of common interest or experience and interact more easily.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork Episode 2: Accommodating Religious Diversity

Everyone should have access to the same opportunities and benefits, and be treated with equal dignity and respect, regardless of their religion.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork Episode 3: Delegating Roles and Managing Communication Barriers

The use of idiomatic English and business jargon can result in communication difficulties for skilled immigrants.

Cross-Cultural Teamwork Episode 4: Facilitating Contributions to Team Discussions

Cultural factors can affect communication and decision-making in a team setting.

Intégrer le talent

Intégrer le talent, une vidéo de formation développé par TRIEC, utilise une approche du conte pour explorer quelques stratégies pour les entreprises qui cherchent à créer un milieu de travail inclusif.

Intégrer le talent Chapitre 1: Séance d’orientation au nouvel employé immigrant, formation et soutien

Si l’on ne tient pas compte des différences culturelles lors de la séance d’orientation au nouvel employé, des défis vont peut-être survenir.

Intégrer le talent Chapitre 2: La collaboration interculturelle

Les normes, valeurs et attentes tacites peuvent entraver la performance d’un immigrant qualifié et, par conséquent, celle de son équipe.

Intégrer le talent Chapitre 3: Les relations avec son supérieur et entre collègues

Des facteurs culturels peuvent avoir une incidence sur la communication et la compréhension au sein d’une équipe.

Intégrer le talent Chapitre 4: Évaluation de la performance – récompenses et reconnaissance

Dans un milieu de travail divers, l’efficacité des commentaires sur la performance peut être affecté par des différences culturelles.

Intégrer le talent Chapitre 5: Fidéliser les talents des immigrants qualifiés

Dans la promotion des pratiques de gestion inclusives des talents, les compétences culturelles de l’organisation et de l’individu jouent un rôle important.

La collaboration interculturelle

La collaboration interculturelle est une série de vidéos, développé par TRIEC, qui nous montre comment les différences culturelles peuvent avoir une incidence sur la dynamique du jeu des équipes dans le milieu de travail canadien.

La collaboration interculturelle (Introduction)

Les malentendus culturels peuvent survenir dans le milieu de travail due à des différences culturelles et religieuses. Mais les employeurs peuvent réduire ces malentendus et exploiter les talents de leurs employés immigrants qualifiés.

La collaboration interculturelle Épisode 1: Pré-rencontre «bavardages»

La «bavardage» permet aux collègues de se connaître les uns les autres, trouver des domaines d’intérêt commun et d’interagir plus facilement. Elle peut également aider une équipe à devenir plus cohérent.

La collaboration interculturelle Épisode 2: S’adapter à la diversité religieuse

La discrimination en raison de la religion est contre la loi. Chacun devrait avoir accès aux mêmes possibilités et avantages, et être traités avec dignité et respect, indépendamment de leur religion.

La Collaboration Interculturelle Épisode 3: Déléguer les Rôles et Gérer les Obstacles à la Communication

L’utilisation d’un jargon d’entreprise et le français idiomatiques peuvent entraîner des difficultés de communication pour les immigrants qualifiés, qui à son tour peut provoquer des membres de l’équipe à douter leur compétence.

La Collaboration Interculturelle Épisode 4: Favoriser les Contributions aux Discussion d’Équipe

Les facteurs culturels peuvent affecter la communication et la prise de décision en équipe.